7th to 11th August 2019
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Druid Camp 2019

Wednesday 7th to Sunday 11th August

Near Westbury on Severn, Forest of Dean


We are delighted to announce the 2019 Druid Camp dates, because we know many of you plan your annual holidays around us and need to make your plans! We’re making plans too! Once again we will be hosts by Starcus at the Rainbow site in Flaxley, just up the road from our wonderful river Severn. Last year we managed a fantastic camp at quite short notice, and this year we will build on that and make it even better. And we want you there!

Booking isn’t possible yet, but this along with the theme of the camp and some of the core offerings will be published at the start of 2019. Keep coming back to see what we’re working on, and join us on Facebook and Twitter where despite the trials of social media we manage to have some great conversations.

As ever, The Druid Camp Association operates through a totally transparent process and you can see the details emerge as we work together in the background, by referring to the top menu. And if you need to, you can email us at team@druidcamp.org.uk

Much love and blessings of peace in these chaotic times.