August 15th to 19th 2018

Camp Ethos

The ethos of Druid Camp is built around the fundamental principles of Honourable Relationship, Community and Resilience.

That rather twee opening line really unpacks to a whole essay on modern cooperative semi-anarchic (Mark takes the blame, always) community camping.

We make use of a really fine, fun and friendly, and most of all experienced organisation to provide us with the tents, toilets and tearoom, which allows us to create the Druid Camp within it.  Once on site, you’ll find everyone is genuinely focused on making stuff happen. Problems get solved or, at worst, mitigated. There is a team of folk who have the responsibility for making this happen, but you are as likely to be helped out by your neighbours as the site crew.

Likewise, you’ll find opportunity to help others, to invite folk to your camp circle for tea and a chat, or wander over to someone else. If you want privacy of course, you’ll find that too. If you want peace and quiet, mind, ensure you ask about the calmer parts of the site before you unpack your tent! It exists, but we keep it quiet… [ahem, sorry]

We’ve been here a while now, on one field or another on this hill. The places remembers… we have a good relationship with the spirits of this particular place and we work hard to maintain it. That extends of course to keeping the place tidy, and also to ensuring when we leave we don’t even leave one cigarette butt on the grass – they’re really bad for cattle. The only way we can do that is with your cooperation.