August 15th to 19th 2018

Druid Camp Facilities

Everyone who comes to Druid Camp is impressed with our facilities.  As you might expect, the toilets, and what we lovingly call Waterworld, are all slightly different each year. Here’s a picture from 2015

2013.07.24, 02, Druid Camp waterworld small

Each morning the site crew, working to an agreed rota, get up before you do and set the fires that warm the water for your showers. They prepare the sauna, they clean the toilets. They really are spectacular people and we love them! They do it, so you don’t have to. Please, feel free to clean up a messy toilet if you come across one, but the fires in the shower and sauna are carefully laid and banked, and do not require any attention from anyone else.

The facilities run pretty much all day and into the night. You can expect to see skin in the Waterworld area. Nakedness has an honourable tradition in the history of modern paganism, and while we don’t wave it around, we don’t tend to get bothered by it either.  Having said that, we set aside an hour in the middle of the day for the exclusive use of our teens, who don’t want to see wrinkly old bottoms. Late night sauna by candlelight is rather splendid too, and in recent years we’ve held sacred space chanting sessions.

The toilets are nearly all long-drop design. They’re dug out specially, then filled in after use. Except in the hottest weather they don’t smell, and then hardly at all. There is a sink for hand washing nearby each one (please don’t use these for any other purpose for obvious reasons). We do have a “disabled” portaloo toilet on site, which is kept securely locked by local campers, and if you are likely to need this toilet you may want to consider camping nearby, so check its location on arrival.

Waterworld at Druid Camp 2007, by bishAlso in terms of facilities but on an entirely different level… we have an on-site vegetarian cafe serving all sorts of fine food, tea, coffee and herbal infusions. The cafe is also a meeting place and an entertainments venue. Many people like to cook their food over open fires, but if you’re travelling light you don’t need to worry. And for day to day consumables we generally have a man-in-a-van visit with milk and bread etc.


Open fire camping is allowed here, and there is a stock of wood provided for that purpose. Obviously each fire needs to be responsibly managed, and it is sensible to have a filled water bucket nearby for safety. You can have your own small fire, but most folk camp in groups or circles, and have a central fire on which cooking can be done and around which all sorts of magic is woven! Some including chillies.