August 15th to 19th 2018


The site is a field.  It’s worth stating that right away.  You’ll be camping, see.  Having said that, our field is quite lovely, on a hill but generally flat across most of the camping and venue area.  All the venue tents, domes, yurts and marquees are grouped roughly together around a main circle, and nearly all the camp events and workshops are held in this area.  Around the fringes are things like the cafe, the waterworld, and some of the less orthodox workshop areas – well you wouldn’t want to have axe throwing or archery in the main areas, eh.

Beyond the main venue area there is a large camping area, where you are expected to set up your tent, camper van, yurt or other splendid home away from home.  You’ll probably find folk who will help if you have trouble, and you may be planning to camp with others in a camp circle about your own fire – lovely!  Toilets, of the long drop and composting types, are scattered around the camping area, and hand-washing facilities are beside each one.  Firewood is available from close by the entrance gate.  Please don’t take more than you need, and further deliveries will turn up if needed through the week.  Elsewhere you will read about the waterworld – showers, sauna.  We don’t plan to skimp on luxury.

Now, I started out saying we were on a field.  That doesn’t preclude those with difficulties having a wonderful Druid Camp.  Where reasonably practicable we are disabled friendly, and we do this through planning and community.  If you have particular needs, do let us know and we will try to help.  We can’t promise, but we will try.  There is a disabled portaloo on site, and we find those needing it are willing to manage access to it (it’s kept locked with the key held near the portaloo).  A stated previously, the field is mostly flat, although some wheelchairs may understandably find it tough going.  All the main tents etc are accessed on a flat level with no steps, it is possible and practical to do nearly all workshops etc from a wheelchair.  Sometimes wheelchairs can be wider than the entrances to marquees – that’s an issue with marquee design, but we will ensure you can get in and out.  We have no capability for the hard of hearing, or sight disabled, but we will try and adapt to situations if they present.  Let us know beforehand, and we will be better placed to assist.  Tell us on the day and we will still try.

It’s a field full of pagans having fun…  That can be a noisy thing, and it can go late into the night.  If you have young children, or have trouble sleeping yourself, have a think about where you might camp.  Speak with the gate folk on arrival – they might have an idea of where is likely to be quieter.  Oh, thinking about children, please know they’ll have a smashing time.  Let them enjoy the experience but do keep an eye on them – they’re yours, not ours.  Tell them what to do if they get lost, tell us if they have any special needs.  Don’t spoil their camp by leaving them or losing them in all the fun.  And the lost thing?  Always, the entrance gate tent.  Lost and found, children, bracelets, phones, minds…

Cars are prohibited from the camp field once your camp is set up, unless you are living out of them (camper vans) or have particular needs that you have pre-agreed with the camp site staff.  It’ll be mentioned daily, but please do remove your car to the car parking field next door, where they’ll have the most excellent time chatting with each other and flirting with that sporty red number with the naughty wheel-arches…

Getting here… follow this link