August 15th to 19th 2018

The Unlikely and Improbable Druid Camp Programme!

Druids are generally bound not by schedules and timetables but by spontaneity and improvisation, Nevertheless, for the sake of the thing, here’s a best guess at how the Camp will unfold. And as with all such things, caveats apply; errors and omissions excepted, always read the label, may contain nuts. Or bish, which is worse. Always rely on attending the morning meetings, because that’s where the day is revealed in all its glory. Most of the workshops won’t appear on this programme but will be declared at the morning meetings because, hey, druids. 🙂

Wednesday 15th August

  • Gates formally open about nine o’clock
  • Midafternoon Opening Ritual
  • Mark Graham’s Nature Walk (Beating the Bounds)

Thursday 16th August

  • Early morning Yoga and Stav
  • Deborah Maw – Plastics, the Environment and Active Druidry
  • Seize the Day

Friday 17th August

  • Early morning Yoga and Stav
  • Professor Ronald Hutton; talk on the Mabinogion
  • Loopy Tom McNair
  • Mad Magdalen

Saturday 18th August

  • Early morning Yoga and Stav
  • Lunchtime Open Market in the Main Circle
  • Mellissa Roussopoulos;
  • The Big Ritual
  • Z Z Birm
  • Dusk Brothers

Sunday 19th August

  • Midafternoon Closing Ritual
  • An awful lot of happy tearful goodbyes until next time