5th to 9th August 2020
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Let's do it again... and ever better!
five days of druid community within a woodland glade
5th to 9th August 2020

According to Caesar the Druids of Britain spent over twenty years learning their craft; memorising verse, studying natural history and healing and presiding over rites, ceremonies and rituals.

For 21 years Druid Camp has provided a space to learn, to grow and to honour the sacred; a place for community, connection and celebration.

Over the years we have danced, debated and worshiped the divine; we have sat together on the earth remembering who we are, and visioning who we aspire to become. In keeping with Druid Camp’s coming of age the theme of this year’s camp will be the

Wisdom of the Elders.

Connecting with the teachings of the Elders of our lands, tribes and traditions; with those elders who have preceded us and those who live amongst us. Time is a teacher from whom we all learn.

We are twenty one this summer. Join with us as we celebrate life, debate the issues that face our worlds, share community with old friends and new.

In a glade between woods near the sacred River Severn, we will gather under the summer Sun. We would love you to be there with us.

Druid Camp: set in a woodland glade near the River Severn (credit: TFaulkner)

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