5th to 9th August 2020
email team@druidcamp.org.uk

After a fantastic Druid Camp 2019 there’s a lot of stuff that happens. We’ve had no time to meet up since but here’s a bullet list, mainly for us so we can remember what we’ve done.

  • We held the AGM on Sunday 11th. The minutes for that are being circulated for accuracy and will be published soon.
  • Esther is doing the accounts and they too will be published on here shortly. They should show a small but decent amount left in the bank which will fund next year’s camp.
  • The web site has successfully implemented SSL security and no longer shows “not secure” or similar on web browsers. This should give confidence to people making payments through it.
  • Feedback is coming in via the team@ address and is being stored currently in the Association Google drive (not public).
  • We need a coherent and simple refund policy to allow for people who have last minute changes.